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Resonance Healing® guides and empowers you with a Truth Map

to consistently be
Your Brightest, Best Self!

Resonance Healing® principles and Truth Map help and guide you to connect to your Highest Light-Filled Self all the time, with confidence and without gaps. Resonance Healing® helps ensure you physiologically prepare, include the wisdom of the body and know where to best focus your energy and attention. 

With the Resonance Therapy® Healing® Map™, I can help you find personalized, efficient and highly effective True Pinnacle & Priority solutions, balance, goal(s), healing timelines and tools to feel better, move forward and make progress. The comprehensive advanced Map uniquely includes a check of all nuances of your Divine Guidance (including your soul, spirit, body, mind, subconscious, inner kids, aura, ancestry and more) to ensure you receive the most accurate complete information to get you the optimal results and outcomes.

I’m presently five years into collaboration with Dr. Sierra L. Levy, founder and creator of Resonance Therapy® and Resonance Healing® in India to write and bring you the Resonance Healing® Book and Guide where you can learn and personally use the Map for ensuring you have the strongest of Light connection and Divine Alignment possible, as well as for Self Healing and Practical Enlightenment. This book offers practical exercises to support you in integrating the System’s principles and Map as well as many, many Healing Light transmissions. It is for the Advanced Light-Worker, Healing Practitioners as well as those new on their Spiritual Journey. Sign up below to receive announcements for when the book will be completed and published. Through March 2024, I am continuing to offer personal sessions at the Lightworkers Ohana rate to support your full Light alignment and Light Path. Click on the services below to learn more about each.


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