Resonance Dance™

Resonance Dance is an integration of the Resonance Therapy® Healing Map™, founded by Dr. Sierra L. Levy and conscious dance/authentic movement. 

The True Pinnacle for Resonance Dance™ is:
Yoking with the Divine and Your Higher Self, Self Healing and Practical Enlightenment.

The True Priority is tuned into for each specific group, time and place.

Since 2002, Ann has in-depth, extensive conscious movement training and teaching experience including as a Nia Black Belt instructor-all belt training with co-founders Debbie Rosas Stewart and Carlos Rosas-and Dancemeditation Practitioner and Teacher including a decade of Movement Monastaries with founder and Sufi Master, Dunya Dianne McPherson. She also certified for yoga teacher training.

Inspired by the Joy of Movement in Nia, veil dancing in Dancemeditation and a wholehearted gratitude practice, Ann synthesized and created Dancing Gratitude on Siesta Key and continued the offering for World Gratitude Day events on Maui. Additionally on Maui, Ann collaborated with Annie Stackhouse, professional Modern Dancer to offer and produce Dance Anywhere events, outdoors overlooking the Pacific Ocean for a beautiful creative synthesis with participants having diverse dance and movement backgrounds with no rehearsal. 

“If you have 8 or more people eager or excited for The Resonance Dance™ experience, I can come to you.”