Tantra, Kundalini & Bliss with Dr. Sierra

 Dr. Sierra L. Levy

Prakasha Tantra Teaching Videos (4)
plus Bonus Video:
Dr. Levy’s personal Kundalini Story

(Ask about Dr. Sierra’s multidimensional HEAL YOUR BLISS class 4 hours of transformational, empowering content including 4 pleasure pathways, practical anatomy and a surprising key to Enlightenment featured on the Dali Lama’s Secret Temple murals.. email Ann at Astara25@yahoo.com



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Embody Your Pleasure by Turbo Charging Your Orgasms with Kundalini


Ten Years of Topic in One Hour Lesson 
(No Chatbox included)


Dr. Sierra Wisdom and Divine Healing Transmissions

Ten Module Class

Module 1: Opening To and Allowing Pleasure
Module 2: Movements for Expanding Pleasure Threshhold and Relief
Module 3:Where to Get Pleasure From
Module 4: How To Create and Be In More Flow
Module 5:Food That Sustains and Satisfies
Module 6: Orgasmic Pathways and Healing
Module 7: Pleasure Rewiring
Module 8:Priority Movement and Life Force Flows
Module 9: Purity, Rainbow Bodies and Enlightenment

PLUS Hydration Sufficiency


Cost: $395