Resonance Healing®, The Enneagram, Law of Attraction, Body Intelligence and True Qualities of the Heart offer spiritual principles, Truth and tools to expand your intuition, improve all of your relationships and your health, live your dreams and allow your connection to Source to soar! Make creative monumental leaps towards your Highest Light priority goals by cultivating daily practical spirituality, knowing the Truth of who you are. My upcoming book, “Infinitely Re-Sourced: Light Filled Resonance Healing® for a Vibrant, Healthy and Amazing Life” offers practical spirituality, principles and energy testing for living from your True Self every day. 

Resonance Healing® Practioner

I am a certified advanced Resonance Healing® practitioner and an Enneagram expert, coach and teacher. I completed master teacher training at the Enneagram Institute and co-presented Enneagram Improvisation at the Global Enneagram Conference in 2017. Following my passions for dance, spirituality and science, psychology, health and healing, I developed an empowered relationship with the wisdom of my body, intuition and practical spirituality. I earned certification as a Black Belt Nia Body/Mind/Spirit teacher and advanced Dancemeditation practitioner.

 As a former CPA, I reviewed, studied, audited and helped improve accounting practices and systems for many companies in a wide range of industries, many of them Fortune 500 companies. This in-depth and diverse experience helped hone my skill for determining completeness, accuracy and Truth, for determining congruency with the big picture and details supporting reported results.

These intuitive and analytical skills helped me recognize the powerful efficient and effective Resonance Healing® map created by Dr. Sierra L. Levy for consistent performance of remarkable health, wellbeing and 100%++ satisfaction of Life’s priority goals and a better future.

Ann Paquin, Enneagram Coaching

Enneagram Coaching

Ann Paquin, Resonance Healing®Practitioner

Resonance Healing®

A bird overhead symbolizes Divine Guidance, The Holy Spirit and Divine Feminine. Access your complete, reliable and grounded Divine Guidance system living from your Truest Divine Self!!!