Dr. Sierra L. Levy

Dr. Sierra L. Levy is a licensed Naturopath, Acupuncturist, and midwife. From a young age, Dr. Sierra had the ability to see, feel, hear, taste, and smell frequencies and The Light. The creator and developer of Resonance Therapy® & Resonance Healing®, Dr. Sierra is also a  Lightwork scholar, Transcendent Luminary and Tantric Guide, Kundalini expert, Awakener of New Worlds and Healing Light Circuits, expert on and in the healing energy circuits of the body, Virtuoso of Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology, and Divine Master Healer. Dr. Sierra has been in India and Nepal these last 3 years teaching the principles of Resonance Therapy® and Tantra, and is recently featured on MSTV Marwah Studios in India (https://youtu.be/J4Q_TMwyhnI)

The Resonance Therapy® Healing Map™ can be  practically used daily to ground, align and be sufficiently in your Light flow to  find solutions and balance and to make progress on your True Priority goals and create new Light filled possibilities guided by the Higher Self. You can learn to turn your body into a Golden Truth Compass, tune into your Highest Soulutions consciousness and be guided by Highest Light Truth with intention and the support of The Map. Email Ann as astara25@yahoo.com to learn more or register for upcoming Intro to Resonance Healing® classes or Dr. Sierra’s Satsangs and Divine Light Healing Transmissions.

Ann with Dr. Sierra L. Levy, Rome Italy