I’m Ann, a Resonance Healing® Practitioner and author, in collaboration with Dr. Sierra L. Levy of the upcoming book: Resonance Healing: For Practical Enlightenment.

I am also the Creator of Resonance Dance™, a Lightworker and Enneagram Enthusiast. I jumped into the Multidimensional Enneagram with Russ Hudson, David Daniels, Helen Palmer and Jessica Dibbs, a year long weekly online intensive and then did live training at the Enneagram Institute (mostly at the Guest House in Connecticut). I imagined and then co-created/presented Enneagram Improv at the IEA Global Conference in San Antonio. I’ve taught awareness based conscious movement for a decade; during this time I experienced a true physical healing miracle-felt it with my own two hands. 

As a former CPA, Financial Manager and Vice President in Fortune 500 companies and auditor, I learned how to look at systems and relate the big picture with the details to find and ensure congruence with what is true, which led me to later discovering Resonance Healing®. My interests include international travel, with the most recent being the undiscovered coast of Italy (Bari, Alberobero, Lecce), a Joe Dispenza Mediterranean cruise, and Rome/Florence/Ibiza with Resonance Healing® community colleagues. I’m a Dr. Gerald Pollack’s Fourth Phase of Water enthusiast; his work is an important paradigm shifter for how we can more successfully relate to our bodies and environment. 

Dr. Sierra L. Levy is a licensed Naturopath, Acupuncturist, and midwife. From a young age, Dr. Sierra had the ability to see, feel, hear, taste, and smell frequencies and the Light. The creator and developer of Resonance Therapy® & Resonance Healing® is also a Kundalini expert, Lightwork scholar, Transcendent Luminary and Tantric Guide, Awakener of New Worlds and Healing Light Circuits, expert on and in the healing energy circuits of the body, Virtuoso of Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology, and Healer. Dr. Sierra has been in India and Nepal these last 3 years teaching the principles of Resonance Therapy and Tantra, and is recently feature on this MSTV, Marwah Studios in India  “>

I have greatly benefited from Dr. Sierra’s amazing multidimensional wisdom and access to Highest Light Truth. I use the The Resonance Therapy® Healing Map™ daily to align with my Higher Self and be guided by Source.

Choosing Joy~Stairways to Heaven~ Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy
National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rome
Ann with Dr. Sierra L. Levy, Rome Italy