I’m Ann, a Resonance Healing® Practitioner and co-author, collaborating with Dr. Sierra L. Levy, creator and founder of Resonance Therapy® and Resonance Healing® system on the upcoming book: Resonance Healing: For Your Highest Self Empowerment.

As a former CPA, Financial Manager and Vice President in Fortune 500 companies and auditor, I learned how to look at systems and relate the big picture with the details to find and ensure congruence with what is true.  Discovering Resonance Healing®, I learned the Resonance Therapy® Healing Map™, which is Dr. Sierra’s Truth Map for efficiently and elegantly finding the guidance and tools for the right person at the right place and the right time that consistently offers optimal resonant results in all areas of life and healing.

I integrate the Enneagram System of Personalities working with the Resonance Therapy® Healing Map™. In 2014, I participated in the Multidimensional Enneagram 10 monthcomprehensive weekly intensive program with Russ Hudson, David Daniels, Helen Palmer and Jessica Dibbs, and then completed live professional training at the Enneagram Institute (mostly at the Guest House in Connecticut). I imagined, created and successfully co-presented Enneagram Improv at the IEA Global Conference in San Antonio with Master Teacher/Improviser, Rachel Hamilton. Prior to this, I taught awareness based conscious movement for a decade; during which time I experienced a lasting true physical healing miracle-felt with my own two hands. I studied Dancemeditation as an advanced practitioner with Sufi Master and author Dianne Dunya MacPherson. During this time, I had also developed and progressed to a Black Belt instructor sharing the Nia Technique joy/awareness/body-mind-spirit fitness classes weekly in Sarasota.

I intuitively was guided to live on Maui for 8 years where I met Dr. Sierra, discovered and trained in Resonance  Healing® and experienced the land, people and spirit of aloha. In early 2020 I returned to Sarasota Florida, where I began connecting with Dr. Levy in India online working many late nights  on the book. In 2022/2023 followed Dr. Sierra who has been living in India since early 2020.  In 5 months I experienced the beauty, presence, deep spirituality, sweetness and unconditional of many Indian people, some in community and others in brief encounters. I was privileged and blessed to received Teachings from a beloved Kashmir Shaivism i initation from Lakshmanjoo sn the unbroken lineage of Abhinavagupta  (since 1016 CE)

In India, I’ve been guided to the deeper meanings and OSHO transmissions of ancient authentic Tantra  guided in many of the sacred/erotic temples in Khajuraho with Swami Ganga. I’ve also participated in Osho and Tantra retreats in Khajuraho, Goa and Mirik. I’ve experienced  several fire ceremonies including for: the solstice, the first day of Navitri, a yagya, and a prestigious pillar of Light (Lingham) installation in a Srinagar Buddhist Temple on Dal Lake. I’ve also helped prepare puja gift offerings for celebrating of Mahasmadhi (the great leaving the body to merge with the divine) of Lakshmanjoo whose teachings of God consciousness and nonduality of Kashmir Shaivism I had been studying with Pran-Ji (culling barley, rice, black pepper, cutting cocoanuts, cutting and de-seeding apricots and dates with one pointed attention in an ashram community.  These profound experiences would be nearly impossible for me  on my own as a westerner without Dr. Sierra’s spiritual community building. 

Previously I have travelled the undiscovered coast of Italy (Bari, Alberobero, Lecce). In 2019, with Resonance Healing® community colleagues, I experienced trainings and travel adventures in Rome/Florence/Ibiza and a Dr. Joe Dispenza Mediterranean cruise .

I’m a Dr. Gerald Pollack’s Fourth Phase of Water enthusiast; his work highlights light as the energy effecting water to change to its  fourth phase, its crystalline state that is in every cell of our body. This teaching and understanding  is an important paradigm shift for how we can more successfully relate to, honor and heal our bodies and environment. 

Yogini Temple, Khujaraho
Dr. Sierra and Ann, Khujaraho
National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rome
Ann with Dr. Sierra L. Levy, Rome Italy