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You are one in seven billion and so is your journey! You can solidly connect to your intuition and Highest Light resources and live your most joyful creative life offering and destiny…even if you don’t fully know what that is yet.

You can truly heal your past, beneficially change your present and significantly impact your future. And become more of who you really are, not just a better version of your personality. Calm your nervous systems and enjoy the good feelings of higher consciousness-peace, joy, love, bliss. Positively affect your life and those around you. All in ways that are highly personal and meaningful to you. 

How do You elegantly find the right word/insight/action for the right person at the right place and time for everything: making progress on your most important goals, healing, what to do now and who to be with and when… for your Deepest and Highest Good? This mindset guides you right into your Highest Light Alignment.. so you are in the present moment with your Highest Resources and resourcefulness all the time… that’s living in the flow- Divine Flow.

Elegantly finding the right tool for the right person at the right place and time is the foundation of Resonance Healing®, created by Dr. Sierra L. Levy. This meta healing arts system offers you the principles and practical exercises for truly becoming more your Higher Self, as a Being of Light.

Unhook from the limiting beliefs of the collective and the past to fully participate bringing your gifts to the forefront and out into the world adding to the Deepest and Highest Good of your life, those around you and the planet.

READ BELOW for multidimensional extraordinary resources available when you’re connected to your HIGHEST SELF.

National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rome
Ann with Dr. Sierra L. Levy, Rome Italy
Choosing Joy~Stairways to Heaven~ Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy

Resonance Healing® helps you access your Inner Light’s Highest Resources and Potential:

♥ 100% Solutions Consciousness for getting results personalized for you, your heart, your body, your mind, your Spirit.

♥ 100% personalized and customized True Priorities leading to optimal, fulfilling results that highly resonate with you and your Deepest and Highest Good!

♥ Everyday Energy Tools, upgraded for every level of your Being and how to know which one is the Priority.

♥ Confidence from sensing Divine yes’s and no’s in your body, connecting to your Deepest and Highest Good  and directly knowing your authentic connection to your Higher Power.

♥ Discernment of what is True True, to calm your neurology and take wise actions connected to your Highest Resources.

♥ Know how to find your Pinnacle Issue and Solutions- the ones that help other problems go away without having to even think or talk about them.

♥ Increased energy, contribution and ability to receive from following your True Priorities.

♥ Increased ability to effectively help others with love, your words and energy with Divine Permission and support.

♥ Creative monumental progress towards your Highest Light True Priority goals.

♥ Intuition and Diving Guidance that is True through and through.

Enjoy Divine Guidance and Joyful Living in your Body offering you : better thoughts, better feelings, better health, more energy, love and Joy.

To Your Vibrant Wellbeing, Soulful Transformation and Highest Brightest Self!

With Love and Light, 


About Me:
Resonance Healing® Practitioner
Enneagram Expert/Teacher/Presenter
Gratitude Dancer
Fourth Phase of Water Enthusiast

Lived on Kihei, Maui
Experienced True Physical Healing Miracle
Explored the Undiscovered Coast of Italy (Bari, Alberobero, Lecce)
Alumna of Holy Cross College ~ Worcester

Black Belt Nia Instructor
Dancemeditation™ Teacher
Hospice Volunteer and BOD Member
CPA and Financial/Mgr VP Fortune 500 Companies
(Boston Globe, Putnam Investments, New England Electric, Prime Computer, Arthur Anderson)




A bird overhead symbolizes Divine Guidance, The Holy Spirit and Divine Feminine. Access your complete, reliable and grounded Divine Guidance system living from your Truest Divine Self!!!