Resonance Healing®

 Resonance Healing®️is a holistic, multi-dimensional approach to living that places you powerfully in touch with your Highest Inner Light and guidance system so that you can pursue your highest good, transform your wounds into well-being and genuinely align with your Authentic Highest Light Life Path.

Author and Advanced practitioner, Ann Paquin is offering A Resonance Healing®️Circle, Meetup, classes, sessions and events presently in Sarasota, Florida. “Resonance Therapy® & Resonance Healing®, created by Dr. Sierra L. Levy, NF, L. Ac, is an Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Energy Sociology, and Energy Ecology Healing Arts Meta-System that innovatively serves the body, mind, spirit, emotional, social, and environmental needs from the physical to the metaphysical with ( Facebook Link (