Resonance Healing®


Feel the good vibrations of Highest Light Resonance. 
Make Progress on Your True Priorities.
Achieve HIGHEST LIGHT intentions and goals.
Confidently find your Flow. 
Know what’s True and the Deepest and Highest Good.
Access and Trust your intuition.
Solve problems more than 100%.
Enjoy Multidimensional Pinnacle Solutions &
 Everything Working out Better.
People around you do better, too. 
Come back to center quickly when triggered. 
Create a Better Future.
Clear Trauma, Resistance, Blocks and Icky’s.

Shine brightly in your relationships, community, work, health and planetary service.


Ann has been a tremendous help in working out and releasing some pretty big issues and emotional scars in my life. She is very knowledgeable in her field and has been able to pin point some pretty powerful painful things that have been holding me back from being the best I can be.

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to “figure out” some life lessons and notice and change old habits. She has helped with childhood issues as well as self-criticism and sabotaging patterns.

I find her to be a positive guide and will continue to work with her on life’s challenges. I notice changes and results quite quickly after a session with Ann. The work she does in our session quickly starts to shift my thinking and responses the very next day!

Thank you Ann. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate the changes I have felt at very deep levels of my life! “ – TC,  Massachusetts

Resonance Healing®

Tap into Your Divine,100%++ Multidimensional Solutions

Customized Tools for bringing in more Light and resonance. Clear trauma, beliefs and limitations standing in your way.  

In Resonance Healing®, we access Highest Light Priorities and Pinnacle Solutions for your Highest Light Desired Outcomes with a broad range of healing solutions. Highly personalized and effective.

Elegantly find The Right Tool at the Right Time for the Right Person

– Founded by Dr. Sierra L. Levy

Ann Paquin, Enneagram Coaching

Enneagram Coaching

Embodying True Self

Know your Personality.

Guide it to serve your Highest Light and True Priorities, rather than the ego.

The Enneagram helps you recognize your personality and where it is aligned from:
-kinds of thoughts you think
-your relationship with feelings
-kinds of feelings you have
-core fear/motivation of being separate

Align with Your Higher Self
-know your strengths
-integrate body, mind, emotions with your Spirit
-recognize stress role in codepency
-increase compassion for your self and others

You’ll wish you knew this all 20 Years ago!