Maui Visions: Spring 2017

Coming Back to Presence and Flow By Ann Paquin ( Pg 8)

Maui Visions: Winter 2016

Flow With Ease By Ann Paquin (Pg 14)


Maui Vision: Fall 2016

Living Gratitude By Ann Paquin (pg 15)

Maui Vision: Summer 2016

Let Inspiration Flow By Ann Paquin  (pg 13)


Maui Vision: Ap/May 2016 Nourishing Wellbeing

Trust Wellbeing By Ann Paquin ( pg 13)



Maui Vision: Feb/Mar 2016 Talking Story 

Receiving Love By Ann Paquin ( pg 15)


Maui Vision: Dec/Jan 2015/2016 Distilling the Truth 

You’ll Need a Truth Map for 2016 By Ann Paquin(pg 15)


Maui Vision:  Oct/Nov 2015  Embracing Abundance

Abundance Resonance By Ann Paquin (pg 15)

Maui Vision: Aug/Sept 2015  Healing and Health

Healing Through Coping Styles By Ann Paquin (pg 14)

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