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Resonance Healing Class

Resonance Healing®  is a practical embodied Spirituality 6-week class supporting you in living Brighter, Calmer and Stronger in 2019.  Includes comprehensive keys for how to access your Highest Light Infinite Resources for daily living, accomplishing your goals and especially for those times you need them most.

Weekly Modules:

Jan 9 (Week 1)— Divine Light Matrix- Understandings and practice for knowing where you are aligned, self healing and clearly accessing Highest Light solutions and outcomes.

Jan 16 (Week 2) – Solutions Consciousness – How to be in solutions consciousness and stay out of distraction, self doubt and self sabotage.

Jan 23 (Week 3) – Highest Light Multi-Dimensional Resources – Learn to identify and co-create with Highest Light Infinite Resources. Increase your confidence and trust in the Light-filled Infinite support for You and your Highest, Authentic, Divinest path.

Jan 30 (Week 4) – Reading Energy – Work with Body Intelligence, Chakras and Divine Permission for identifying and clarifying Pinnacle Issues and Priorities.

Feb 6 (Week 5) – Getting Stellar Optimum Results- Follow Divine Priorities and work multidimensionally to accomplish your Highest Light Goals and receive side benefits in multiple areas: Relationships, Work, Health & Wellbeing, Creativity, Life Purpose & Expansion and Healing.

Feb 13 (Week 6) – Align and Shine Energy Being – Consciously Choose and Resonate Highest  Light energy supporting your True Self every day, accomplishing goals and getting healthy support you need when you need it most. Includes Energy Tools, Energy Psychology and  Essentials for Empaths. 

Full 6-Week Class $100 (valued at $600).  Drop-in per class  $20 (valued at $100).

This one time only !!! 🙂


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