The Enneagram is a synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern psychology that offers a powerful map and significant support for accelerated personal growth and transformation.  From it we learn about our specific patterns and how the ego can take our spiritual growth and learnings for its identification and self sabotaging limiting agenda.

As part of our self discovery and growth, the Enneagram offers specific personality type strengths and patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving where we can recognize opportunities for new choices. We can also better distinguish and work with our inner critic and our instinctual drives. The Enneagram map offers us a wealth of predictable attitudes and behaviors to objectively and truthfully observe ourselves. The inherent spiritual laws support our liberation to our Truest Divine Self.  

Many of my colleagues who have intensively studied the Enneagram wonder how different our lives might be if we had these teachings earlier on in our lives. One of my first Enneagram teachers, the late David Daniels shares the Enneagram is a tool for helping us get out of our limiting boxes of who we think we are. The Enneagram is an important resource I utilize to help myself and clients resonate with the wholeness of our Highest Light.