Your Personality Shines Brightest When You Know Who You Are!

Knowing how personalities work helps you and your relationships:

  • Recognize and choose to be in the Flow!
  • Direct your energy and attention to your Best Self.
  • Recognize more clearly and quickly when you move out of clear functioning into a lesser resourced stress mode.

     There are three ways you get in your own way that slows, blocks, deters or gives you the opposite of the success you want in your creative processes, whether to become healthier, increase love and enjoyment in all your relationships or birth/accelerate your unique gifts into the world:

Here they are:

1) You don’t know how to reliably access your True Self or discern, distinguish and disable your ego agendas.

2) You stay in lesser resourced states not knowing the importance of or how to stay in flow with your Inner Light connected to greater, infinite resources and out of stress.

 3) You have blindspots about important things like how your ego misuses your natural systems of intelligence – brain, heart, body, instinctual drives.

      Resonance Healing® teaches you how to choose your Highest Light Resources, particularly how to run your Light and stay connected to Source. When you are interested in Higher Truth and the Deepest and Highest Good, you increase consciousness and awareness. You achieve a higher resonance that supports your energy and attention for being your Higher Self.

      The Enneagram Transformation System of personality types has mapped out the mental, emotional, psychological and behavioral predicable patterns of the ego for each personality type. This system helps you recognize and sense who you really are and what your personality is like in service to your Higher Self and…when you have moved out of a state of flow. This is empowering information to help you come back to center and your True Self quickly. 

      The Enneagram is a synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern psychology that offers a powerful map and significant support for accelerated personal growth and transformation.  From it, you can learn about your specific patterns and how the ego can take your spiritual growth, thoughts, feelings and learnings for its identification and self sabotaging limiting agenda.

      Many of my colleagues who have intensively studied the Enneagram wonder how different our lives might be if we had these teachings earlier on in our lives. The Enneagram is an important resource I utilize.  We introduce it in a chapter of our upcoming book to support you in continually resonating with the wholeness of your Highest Light.