I am writing this book for and with Dr. Sierra L. Levy, the creator and founder of Resonance Therapy® and Resonance Healing®.

When you value and prioritize your connection to and alignment with Source, your Higher Self and most re-Sourcefulness, this meta healing arts system offers the Map and Enlightenment Healing checkpoints to verify that your connection is Light-filled, complete and without interference or holes. No matter what your faith, training, or practice you can perceive, know and verify that you are indeed in your Highest Light alignment and connected to Highest Light Truth.
~ excerpt Introduction  © 2022

It is for You: 

♥ Who want to know how to reliably connect with your Highest Self… all the time.

♥ Who want to know how to open the senses for locating Intuition and Diving Guidance that is True through and through.

♥ Lightworker …even if you’ve had an inkling and felt it may be true, and now wish to completely own It.

♥ Spiritual Seeker and Meditator interested in bringing your spiritual practice to life, bypassing the agendas, reactivity, fear based consciousness of  the ego .

♥ Energy Worker and Healer desiring to find the Highest Light, personalized, most multidimensional effective solutions for yourself and your clients.

♥ Enneagram Enthusiast wanting a clear map for connecting to your Higher Centers, greater wholeness and Highest Self.

♥ Who want to be more present with Higher Truth, your Divine Yes’s and No’s and the wisdom and magnificent healing potential of your body.

♥ Who want to know your True Priorities and exponentiate progress in your most treasured goals for relationship, work, creativity, finances, etc. 

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Sending you Infinite Love and Light!