My Experience

I have had a strong spiritual instinct for transformation and growth for many years with conscious movement, moving meditation, energy work and spiritual studies including a deep gratitude practice. Dr. Sierra L. Levy’s Resonance Therapy® and Resonance Healing® taught me an expanded more authentic relationship with my Highest Power connecting me to Truth and Infinite Resources. This that helped upgrade every area of my life. The outcomes consistently far exceeded my expectations, so I trained to be a Resonance Healing® practitioner and continue to practice weekly with an advanced Resonance Therapy® Healing Circle.

One day I realized that the principles and energy testing for consciously choosing my resonance that resulted in such phenomenal outcomes and solutions for problems could be expanded to exponentially greater possibilities and potential for living daily life. This one monumental decision helped me move more quickly and with greater ease to greater presence with the wholeness of my Truest Divine Self. With this daily practice of conscious resonating with my Essence, rather than ego identifications, I more reliably access complete and accurate Guidance and intuition from my Deepest and Highest Good and the Divine Resources. My head, heart and Spirit are regularly coherent. With wisdom of the Enneagram and its spiritual laws, I quickly notice the patterns or circumstances that begin to “take me out of the Vortex” offering true freedom to choose from the Highest Truth and Joy.

I am a certified advanced Resonance Healing® practitioner and an Enneagram expert, coach and teacher. I completed master teacher training at the Enneagram Institute and co-presented Enneagram Improvisation at the Global Enneagram Conference in 2017. Following my passions for dance, spirituality and science, psychology, health and healing, I developed an empowered relationship with the wisdom of my body, intuition and practical spirituality. I earned certification as a Black Belt Nia Body/Mind/Spirit teacher and advanced Dancemeditation practitioner.

As a former CPA, I reviewed, studied, audited and helped improve accounting practices and systems for many companies in a wide range of industries, many of them Fortune 500 companies. This in-depth and diverse experience helped hone my skill for determining completeness, accuracy and Truth, for determining congruency with the big picture and details supporting reported results.

These intuitive and analytical skills helped me recognize the powerful efficient and effective Resonance Healing® map created by Dr. Sierra L. Levy for consistent performance of remarkable health, wellbeing and 100%++ satisfaction of Life’s priority goals and a better future.